cash title loan questions
Got questions? We have answers

eTitleCash is the fastest way to get fast cash online. Here you can find a few questions in regards to title cash.

Q: How do cash title loans work?

A: Getting cash loans on car titles is a safe and borrower-friendly process. Our type of loan allows you to get a loan based on the market value of your vehicle. As long as you have a title with your name on it, you are off to a great start. Since you’re borrowing against the value of your car, the more your vehicle is worth, the more you can get. When you take out a title loan, lenders simply hang onto the title while you make your payments. Once you are all settled up, you get your title right back. You will be able to use your vehicle during the whole process as well.

Q: Is there a credit check?

A: No. There is never a credit check required for instant pre-approval. Your credit history is your business, and your report will only be pulled to verify your information, not to determine your eligibility for a loan. We have helped hundreds of borrowers from a wide array of different financial and credit backgrounds get the loan they need in as little as a few hours. When it comes to credit, we do not discriminate against our borrowers based on their financial history. The idea is to help you get the money you need to get back on your feet, not judge you for your past financial slip-ups!

Q: How quickly can I get my cash?

A: Some of our borrowers get their cash within 24 hours. Since the entire application is online, the process moves much more quickly than traditional lenders. Once you work out the details of your cash title loan with a representative, you can collect your cash from any branch in your neighborhood.

Q: Can I keep my car?

A: Yes. Title loans are meant to reduce the stress of your financial situation, not make it worse. Your car is the key to your livelihood, and we never require you to give it up to lock down your loan. You stay in the driver’s seat while you make your payments, and get your title back at the end of the final cycle.

Q: What if a payment is late?

A: We know that both life and finances are hard to predict, and we understand if you hit a bump in the road. If it looks like you’re going to need a little extra time to cover your next installment, give us a call right away. Our network of lenders is incredibly flexible, and the sooner you get in contact, the more we can do to help you readjust your schedule to your changing circumstances.

Q: Where can I collect my loan money?

A: We have hundreds of locations throughout the United States, and we are opening more every day. You can check out our locations page for a list of some of the cities we serve. Additionally, when you set up your loan, the representative assisting you will be able to help you locate the most convenient branch in your area.

Q: What do I need to apply?

A: Different areas have different requirements for what borrowers need when applying for cash loans on car titles. Here is a brief list of items to keep on-hand when applying for a car title loan:

  • Your car title
  • Year, make, model and mileage of vehicle

Our customer support representatives are always around, so for an exact list of the items required in your area, you can give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Q: What if I want to pay my loan off early?

A: If you want to repay your loan early, let us know! We always appreciate conscientious borrowers, and we would love to help you take the steps necessary to take care of business early.

Q: What do I do after I apply online?

A: After you submit your information, you’re all set. One of our representatives will send you a free loan estimate and contact you promptly via phone to discuss the terms of your loan and help you find the nearest location where you can collect your cash. Once you apply, you will have our help from start to finish through each step of the process and beyond.

Q: Who can I talk to for more information?

A: One of the reasons borrowers love us so much is because we have live voices available 24/7, so if you ever have a question or need help, you don’t have to worry about talking to a robot or waiting until business hours to receive the assistance you need. Give us a call any time, and get the warm, friendly service you deserve from a live and caring representative, no matter what time it is.